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In this litter we have:

Cream Boy (Danny) AVAILABLE
Cream Boy (kenickie) AVAILABLE
Lilac Girl (Frenchy) AVAILABLE
Blue Cream Girl (Sandy) AVAILABLE
Blue Cream Girl (Rizzo) AVAILABLE

Kittens will are fully vaccinated, flead, wormed, microchipped, well socialised and litter trained with 4 weeks free insurance.

Buy British Shorthair Kittens

buy british shorthair  kittens at very affordable prices, they are all potty trained and loves to play with kid and other pets at home, mum and dad can be seen. You can buy british exotic shorthair kittens for adoption from friendly exotic pets, all our kittens are hand tamed and very socialized.

We breed top quality, lovely british shorthair kittens. they’re the most effective pets of all. Our kitten’s  “meow” is that the most soothing music to heal the hearts of kids and adults. Our endearing kittens are principally Silver Shaded or Cream White fur with Blue or inexperienced Eyes Our kittens are all with glorious temperament, loving and like to be with humans. Our parent cats principally came from Grand Championship bloodline. KIttens are litter box trained, vaccinated, and dewormed. Health Certificate and Air Shipping are offered. Our cats are going to be the most effective companion pet always as a part of your relations

buy British Shorthair kitten which  has a solid associate degreed muscular with an easygoing temperament. As befits his British heritage, he’s slightly reserved, however once he gets to understand somebody he’s quite warm. His short, dense coat comes in several colours and patterns and will be brushed 2 or 3 times per week to get rid of dead hair.
The British Shorthair kitten could be a study in configuration. He features a giant spherical head, spherical eyes and rounded paws. Even his tail features a rounded tip. He was once referred to as nation Blue as a result of he came solely therein color, however of late his short, plush coat comes in many alternative colours and patterns. there’s additionally a longhaired selection, referred to as nation Longhair. apart from his coat, nation Longhair is that the same because the British Shorthair.

A British Shorthair could be a dignified, intelligent and warm companion. He’s not typically a lapcat, however he can wish to be at your facet on the couch or a minimum of close. Females tend to possess a significant deportment, whereas males area unit additional irresponsible. These laidback cats will get on well with dogs and area unit calm around kids, however they don’t get pleasure from being hauled around. Teach kids to treat them with respect.

The British Shorthair is massive, however he shouldn’t be fat. Watch his food intake to form certain he doesn’t become fat. Encourage him to chase fishing-pole toys or peacock feathers for exercise. Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA)

Brush or comb nation Shorthair’s coat 2 or 3 times per week to stay loose hair at a minimum. You’ll have to be compelled to brush him additional typically within the spring once he sheds his winter coat. Trim the nails PRN and keep his ears clean.

The British Shorthair is similar temperament to any home with those that can love him. Keep him inside to safeguard him from cars, diseases unfold by alternative cats and attacks from alternative animals.


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