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Buy Male hedgehog

Buy Male Hedgehog this lovely boy is ready for his forever home. hedgehog for sale near me is very very friendly as we handle our babies from 2 weeks of age . He comes with food for a week , his blanket and a very detailed care sheet that i have put together over the last 6 years.  Please get in touch if you can give a great home . hedgehog for sale oregon

Hedgehogs square measure remarkably cute very little animals. Their backs square measure lined with prickly spines referred to as quills, and their bellies square measure soft and hairy . once vulnerable or afraid they roll into a decent ball. once relaxed their spines lay nearly flat. they create a decent beginner exotic pet as they’re simple to worry for and simply plain fun. Despite their spectacular show of very little spines they’re simply tamed, and after they feel secure, their very little quills desire hairbrushes. Hedgehogs like to explore and cavort. They conjointly love animate being balls and it’s an excellent thanks to exercise them.

Our baby hedgehogs begin exchange from mamma at around half-dozen weeks older and square measure then handled daily and liberal after they square measure sent to their new homes at 7-10 weeks recent.

What is a  Male Hedgehog?

Is that a baby porcupine?? whereas they give the impression of being terribly similar, they’re not even connected. Associate in Nursing African Pygmy Hedgehog is Associate in Nursing insectivore, not a gnawing animal just like the gnawer. A hedgehog’s nearest relative is truly the shrew. a mean African Pygmy Hedgehog can slot in Associate in Nursing adult man’s cupped hand. African Pygmy hedgehogs have a thick coat of spines, varied in color. there’s no fur underneath the spines, however soft white or dark fur covers the belly, neck, face, and legs. they need comparatively poor sight, however hearing, smell, and style square measure o.k. developed in most pet hedgehogs.  World Organization for Animal Health (OIE),

Hedgehogs square measure plain sailing, non-aggressive and not attention seekers. they’re nice pets which will be handled by anyone and well adjusted hedgies attend strangers with ease. If you’re about to be gone on vacation for every week they unremarkably won’t be depressed or angry. once you come they’ll volitionally attend you as if you ne’er left.

They are simple to stay as pets, all the provides you would like for them is found at any pet store with the exception of hedgehog food (order online). I even have placed several of them in colleges as schoolroom pets as {they square measure|they’re} cool animals that kids are terribly intrigued by and may learn a great deal from. they will keep “first” pets for youths with adult management.


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