Persian Kittens For Sale


Adorable male persian kitten for adoption, he is potty trained, Tica registered and and comes along with 5 months health guarantee.

Persian Kittens for sale

Persian Kittens for sale,The Persian cats square measure noted for his or her exciting look. they’re termed because the most glamour and friendly puss of the cat world. Their lovely, flowing coat, innocent face and calm temperament provide you with a lit feeling to possess them near to your heart. If you’re feeling same, then you’ll get Persian cats available on-line and deduct the love of your life at only one click. 

At My Kitten, Persian kitten available square measure in several colors; White, Ash, Black, and Cream. They
like to pay time inside, climbs on the racks, and supplying you with millions of love. Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA).
Breed: Persian
Color: White, Ash, Black, Cream
Body Type: Muscular and durable Body, Full body forming the frills between the front legs, ears and tails.
Weight: 3-4 Kgs
Height: Female: 10-14 inches & Male: 11-15 inches
Distinct Feature: massive spherical head, short nose, little ears with rounded tips eyes.
Coat: Thick long flowy coat with fine and ideal textures.
Temperament: Sweet, light & friendly.
Activity: like to keep inside, likes rise upon racks, sitting on a chair and therefore the favorite spot are your lap.

My Kitten provides a house cat on-line with a whole quality and medical checkup. we tend to ensure our house cat available is absolutely immunized for hydrophobia, born from nephropathy negative folks, de- wormed, vet checked furthermore as litter trained.

Once you get a house cat from My Kitten, we offer the entire coaching to require care of your friend and perceive his/her basic nature. we tend to ensure our house cat available on-line square measure well organized and socialised guaranteeing temperaments before feat for his or her forever homes.

For house cat value, you’ll contact United States of America directly. we are going to be happy to produce the simplest family to our house cat baby.


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