Squirrel Monkey For Sale


squirrel monkey for sale

We have outstanding squirrel monkey for sale which is ready to go out to pet and animal friendly home. They are 12 weeks old and very healthy, Vet checked and will be coming with all paperwork. She will also be coming with a one year health guarantee, play toys and feeding menu. : https://goldenexoticpets.com/product/squirrel-monkey-for-sale/

Squirrel Monkeys for sale. Our baby monkeys are hand-raised and bottle-fed. We take great pride in taming and socializing our monkeys so that they can be your life companions and adorable members of the family. squirrel monkey price

All our Squirrel Monkeys are vaccinated and are properly cared for by a highly knowledgeable staff.

Owning a Squirrel Monkey is fun and exciting. With just a little bit of work and careful planning, you can have a new member of the family. These little creatures are playful and all have their own personality. They are close to humans and show genuine feelings of attachment, joy, and happiness. Learn everything you need to about how to buy a marmoset monkey for sale here. capuchin monkey diet

If you are looking for monkeys to buy, contact us today so we can discuss the primates that are currently in our care. Our beautiful male baby squirrel monkey is available to a good loving home now. He has been hand raised in our home and socialized with human care givers. He is eating from a syringe and doing great . He will come with everything you will need to get him home and get started. We are a USDA facility with well over fifty years of exotic experience. We are available after the sale to help answer questions ,should they come up. We will not sell you a monkey if they are illegal to own where you live. Please check your laws before calling us.



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