Tonkinese Kitten For Sale


Tonkinese Kitten For Sale

Tonkinese Kitten For Sale are known as the most “Dog-like” of all the cats, Tonkinese kittens are extremely family oriented and like new people and situations more than other cats. Our owners report that their cats greet them at the door at the end of the day just to say “welcome home!”

Tonkinese Kittens love riding in cars and going with the family on vacation. The kittens can often be leash trained!

Tonkinese Kittens can be active so two of them might be a good idea. Tonkinese kittens have the trademark habit of “kissing” on the neck and face of their owners. They truly earned the award of “Affection Champs!” Male Tonkinese Kitten For Sale USA

If there are members of your family that would like a dog, but you want a kitten, a Tonkinese kitten may be just what the vet ordered! Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA).

Why Tonkinese? Male Tonkinese Kitten For Sale

Tonkinese cats have a fun loving, playful personality and love to cuddle. They love human interaction and are the perfect option for kitten therapy and will often follow their owners around the house. Their soft silky coat are easy to maintain and a joy to snuggle. They are great with kids and other pets. Tonkinese Breed Association (TBA),

Feeding my Kitten

I recommend Paw Tree. It is all natural and customizable. That way your pet gets exactly what they need at every stage of life. Competitively priced and shipped right to your door.

Why Elevated Cattery

We believe in raising cats underfoot, outside of cages, so that they are familiar with the normal sounds and interactions of life. That way they are will socialized when it’s time to take them home. We also do genetic testing on our queens and studs to make sure they are free of issues that may effect their kittens health later on.


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