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Cougar Cubs For Sale. Cougars, a member of the big cat family that also includes tigers and lions, go by several. Different names such as panther, mountain lion, puma, and catamount. At one time, cougars roamed across most of North and South America from southeastern Alaska to southern Chile and Argentina.  Cougars are found in mountain forests, swamp-lands, grassy prairies, and tropical forests.

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Big cats like cougars need large, spacious outdoor cages, or enclosures. Because cougars are wild, predatory animals, safety of the keepers is paramount. Doors and gates on the enclosure should be securely locked at all times. Enclosures should have a roof over them to prevent the animal from escaping.

Feeding And Diet Of Cougar Cubs

Cougars are carnivores and require a large amount of raw meat every day. Commercial feline, or large cat, food can also be given. These mixtures typically contain ground chicken, bones and added vitamins.

Breeding Cougar Cubs

Male and female cougars spend very little time together before and after mating. Once the female becomes pregnant, the male plays no role in raising the baby. Most cougars reach adulthood by the time they are two years old. The gestational period for the cougar is about 92 days. The mothers deliver one to four kittens, though most of the time, two babies are born. The kittens are blind and helpless at first, but soon they accompany their mother on hunts. Once they reach the age of two, they are generally on their own.

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