Cute Birman Kitten Sale


We have a sweet, playful, confident seal point male kitten ready to leave now.
He is from a litter of four, born and raised indoors with adult cats and dogs, used to all the sounds of a family home.

He is fully vaccinated, health checked, micro-chipped and has been regularly wormed. Precautionary treatment against fleas and ticks will be given before leaving. He is registered with GCCF and will leave with 4 weeks Pet Plan insurance cover and a goody bag of toys, litter and food.

 cute birman kitten sale

Our cute birman kitten for sale  is additionally referred to as the Sacred Cat of Birma. they’re a statuesque, royal cat with a stunning, flowing, slick coat Associate in Nursingd an equally stunning and docile temperament to match it. For those searching for a cat that adapts simply to circumstances and is good for families with youngsters and different pets, the Birman may be an ideal alternative.

The  cute birman kitten for sale may be a medium-large breed, advisement half-dozen – twelve lbs. they’re a pointed cat, which suggests that they need a lightweight base coat that darkens at the points (legs, tail, face, ears). one amongst the items that separates them from different medium to longhaired, pointed breeds is their gloves and laces. All Birmans have four white feet (the gloves). On the rear legs, the white extends up the hock, ending in a very V form (the laces). Ideally, the white on the feet is equally distributed and ends in neat lines simply past the toes however the actually necessary issue is that the white feet and laces up the hocks be gift.

The head is rounded however slightly longer than wide with a notable Roman nose. The ears are or so as wide at the bottom as they’re tall and of medium size overall. The eyes are a deep blue. The Birman incorporates a substantial body with medium to significant bone. they’re sturdily designed animals with smart muscular structure.

The coat tends to draw in abundant attention with its slick, flowing softness. it’s one coat with no undercoat. As a result, it tends to lie comparatively flat and isn’t susceptible to matting or tangling. Shedding is moderate and a weekly haircare can cut back it considerably. this can be a breed that will shed a lot of heavily on a seasonal basis. throughout that point, you’ll ought to brush a lot of often to stay up with the hair.

Most cute birman kitten for sale are very docile and revel in any variety of interaction with you. through with care, brushing and brushing may be a peaceful activity enjoyed by each cat and owner.  Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA).

Cute Birman Kitten Sale History

The history of the Birman is shrouded in mystery. because the name implies, Associate in Nursing jap heritage is suspected. There are variety of legends concerning however the cats came to be. the foremost common one involves a white cat with golden eyes that lived at the temple of a golden injured, blue eyelike god in Birma. sooner or later the temple was invaded and therefore the monks were killed. A cat, named Sinha, stayed together with his dying master with his paws on the priest’s body. As an award for his loyalty to the priest, the god turned the white cat golden in color with darker points and altered his eyes from gold to blue like her own. The cat’s feet stayed white as a logo of the purity of his love for his master.

The real origins of the breed are unknown though several suspect that there’s Siamese and Persian ancestors behind the Birman. They were 1st seen in France early within the nineteenth century and came to the u. s. in the middle to late Nineteen Fifties. Today, they’re one amongst the foremost fashionable breeds of purebred cat and have remained systematically within the high 10 in quality for several years currently.  Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA).

The Birman may be a fairly healthy breed with no specific health problems related to it. they typically live fifteen or a lot of years. Some breeders cite slightly tinyer than traditional kidneys though this doesn’t forever cause urinary organ problems and lots of live to adulthood with no serious issues ensuing from having unco small kidneys. So, if your MD notes that the kidneys appear tiny, it’s not essentially time to panic. If blood work reveals poor urinary organ values in terms of carbamide and creatinine, you’ll have a a lot of significant issue on your hands. Even then although, many cats manage well on an occasional supermolecule diet combined with medication and swallow the condition for several years. like any purchase of a purebred pet, you ought to receive a written health guarantee that covers doubtless genetic issues like kidney disease. raise the stock raiser if they need practised issues in their lines and what they provide ought to your kitten develop a health issue associated with his kidneys. an honest stock raiser stands behind their cats and can assist you in handling the problem.

The Birman is a strangely docile cat. they’re quite content to slug concerning within the sun given that they are in the same space with you. they’re terribly tender animals and revel in being favored and cuddled. Their progression temperament makes them a perfect alternative for a home with youngsters. they’re equally amenable to different cats or dogs sharing the house. they will be slightly dominant with the opposite cat, reminding it of their standing as a special temple cat however they’re rather peaceful creatures on the full.

The degree to that they’re talkative tends to rely on the owner. If the owner encourages talking and converses with them, they’ll continue a language. If the owner would rather share some silence, they’re equally amenable to it. Their voice tends to be chirping instead of yowling.

Although quiet, they’re not dumb and revel in wiggling with puzzle toys. they will be schooled tricks victimization clicker coaching and are quite willing to participate in tea parties and dress up sessions with the children. they’re roguish despite initial appearances.

The Birman bonds closely together with his family and can keep within the space with them, obtaining up and following them if they move to a different space. they will be somewhat underfoot in their quest to be reachable just in case you ought to feel the necessity to stroke their coat in crazy adoration. they’re desperate to greet guests and can meet them at the door. What they don’t get pleasure from is being left alone for extended periods of your time. For this reason, they’re best suited to homes wherever somebody is often home or they share the house with different pets they will play with in your absence. birman kittens for sale in iowa

Between their pretty look and peaceable temperament, the Birman is a wonderful alternative for a family pet. they’ll quickly bond with all members of the family, young and previous, 2 or four pedate. simply bear in mind to provide them a brushing once every week to stay the coat shedding in restraint.


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