Lovely Norwegian Forest Cat


2 Brown tabby and white boys , looking for there forever homes, raised in the home with lots of love and attention, fully vaccinated microchiped wormed fleaed and insuranced with petplan, will leave with 5 generation pedigree, kitten care pack, food and toys and a lifetime of advice and support,
if you are willing and interested in being a slave to one of these babies
please feel free to call me

lovely norwegian forest cat

Welcome to GOLDEN EXOTIC PETS , Lovely Norwegian forest cats, originally from Norway, were brought to North America by Vikings, who used them as mousers on their boats. : ‎

Wegies, as they’re called for short, are large and resemble , quite a bit. They were built for cold Norwegian winters, and they have a water repellent double coat. They’re strong, sturdy cats that have a gentle, sweet personality.

special breed considerations for lovely norwegian forest cats

as a lover of lovely norwegian forest cat It’s important that you don’t let your Norwegian forest cat get overweight because the breed is already prone to hip dysplasia, which can be worsened by obesity. They take about 5 years to reach full maturity and size, usually winding up between 10 and 15 pounds.

they  must be brushed once or twice a week to keep their undercoat from matting painfully. They love people, and it’s important to spend time cuddling and playing interactively with your gentle giant.This large breed loves to climb and hang out in high spots. Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA).

Are lovely norwegian forest cats hypoallergenic?

Some people with cat allergies report fewer problems with lovely norwegian forest cats than some other breeds. This is anecdotal, and an allergic person should not rely on it. Humans’ allergies to cats are a result of the protein Fel d 1, which is found in cats’ saliva, on their skin, and in their dander. The Siberian cat, among others, may produce less Fel d 1 than certain other cats, and lovely Norwegian forest cats seem to be related to Siberians. Still, there is no truly hypoallergenic cat, so individuals with allergies may react to any cat.

Living With:

The lovely norwegian forest cat tends to control her nutrition well, increasing her exercise and cutting down on intake when she feels it necessary. If provided with adequate play times and room to run and roam, she will not usually need to be kept on a nutrition plan.

Being territorial, the Norwegian likes room to make her own. She enjoys running, hiding and ambushing her toys. Perches and room to run should be provided.

The Norwegian must be groomed daily to keep the coat free from knots and tangles, especially during shedding season. This grooming can be incorporated into play time, but generally she enjoys being groomed. As with all thick coated cats, a hairball remedy may need to be given when regular shedding is occurring.


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